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Some chuck, pork shoulder and T-breast went in the newly converted pittmaster (now LP) late saturday nite. Mother nature wasn't to kind with the rain she blew in and I had a hard time keeping the heat up. I could've loaded the indoor range with the goods but I was determined to ride out the storm. I gotta say cooking with LP is waaay different then charcoal or wood ... anyone got any tips for the smokers using LP?


All-in-all ... didn't come out to bad, the guests didn't seem to mind as there wasn't many leftovers. 



Goal next time is to have the chuck and pork falling off the bone more, instead of having to slice it then kinda shred it. I'm on day 2 of the eCourse, maybe by day 5 I'll have a clue! hahaha



Here's some pics, order changed but you get the picture! *grin*








turkey chuck pig (Large).jpgturkey (Large).jpgpiggy (Large).jpgchuck (Large).jpgsmokin meat (Large).jpgveggies (Large).jpgbacon wrap chuck (Large).jpg