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Old cook book

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Was doing a little picking yesterday (those who watch the show will understand)

 came across a cook book and picked it (free)

 opened it this am just to see what it was .

 title is, Recipes on parade, 2000 world wide favorites of Military Officers wives.

 circa 1963.

 The best part is !

 The 3rd page has 3 recipes,

 #1, Mrs. Lyndon B Johnson's recipe for Barbecued Spare Ribs

#2. Mrs. John F. Kennedy's recipe for Beef Stroganoff 

#3. Mrs . Robert S McNamara's recipe for  Beef Bourguignon

 I know some of you young folks don't understand  why i get excited over this ,But I'm sure the oldtimers (like me) do.


 I have sat here this am and looked through this book and can see that

even in the military in 63 they used the cheaper cuts of beef . Round steak /roast ,

rump roast, flank steak and lots of ground beef. A little pork, Lots of veal and lamb.

 casseroles were the rage at the time..

 Also recipes from the other parts of the world where we had troops stationed or were our allies.

Philipines ,  south america, china, india , japan ,armenia, greece, libya, morocco , iran , turkey, austria , england france ,germany , holland,hungary  ireland  italy  sweden  spain and russia.

 Great pick IMHO!

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I can understand your interest.  When we were stationed overseas, invariably the military wives clubs would compile some type of cookbook, whether seasonal, regional or whatever, for fundraising efforts, generally for the Base Chapel to aid the local community.  Just reading through them shows the vast difference in food preparation and tastes across our great nation.  Oh yes, I know who or what is a picker.  The show is #2 for us, (right behind Pawn Stars) for general entertainment.

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That's a good find Bob!! Are you going to try some of the recipes??

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I'm  a picker.


And a dumster diver.


No shame at all; infact its recycling.  LoL


Not as nice as the one you have, especially with the President's wives favorites, but found a nice coffee table, color pix print Italian cookbook last week that I intend to put back in service.


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Awesome memorobilia!

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Originally Posted by BayouChilehead View Post

That's a good find Bob!! Are you going to try some of the recipes??

yes i will,You were there, I bet i missed some good books in that house. lol

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the only pickers i know are at the blue grass festival every month at the park about half a miile from my house

But never seen a show about them 

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very cool.........great find!

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Man o man I would love to have some of those recipes - we reserect old recipes with our 4H kids all the time as an example of what has never changed in cooking - if you run across any that you are willing to share please let me know

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

 -we reserect old recipes........

that's cuz yer old!

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

that's cuz yer old!

Why yes, Yes i am .

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i'm not far behind..........

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