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Our first BBC with Qview

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After having spent several nights prowling around the site and learning more about smoking than I ever dreamed of, we decided to try some Beer Butt Chicken.


We decided to do two chickens and ended up with a couple of 6# birds @ $.49#. At that price we could afford to make a few mistakes which we figured was inevitable, LOL! We decided to use some Montreal Chicken seasoning from Grill Mates for the sake of simplicity and stuck them in the refrigerator over night.


Birds mounted on Jamaican Red Stripe lager, ready for the smoker.




We smoked these chickens on our new MES @ 275* using a combination of apple and pecan chips which I decided to soak. An apple was used to plug the holes in the necks. We used 50% apple juice and 50% water in the water pan. At 275* keeping TBS was a piece of cake.


At approximately three hours, fifteen minutes temp checked at 150*....back in the smoker.






Added corn about 45 minutes later.






Birds finished at 170*. Total time was approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes.





Too much to time for fancy plating!






In the end we were very pleased with the outcome and the corn was a pleasant surprise. On the next one we might use a little less rub on the chicken or maybe by then we will consider something more elaborate. We were amazed at how moist the chichen was. We kept reading about it, but you have to see one finished to really appreciate it. Thank you all  for the help and encouragement. This was a lot of fun!  I'll post pic's of our salmon experience next. 



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that al looks very good

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It looks awesome nice job Great deal on the birds too

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Your hooked now!

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Chicken looks great! I've done 5 of them now and they come out amazingly moist and tasty!  

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That may have been your fist smoke on birds, but I know it won't be your last. Good job well done. It's all good my friend.

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Gotta love the beer can chicken. The wife is crazy about them. Lookin good!

Can't wait to see the salmon.

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Great looking chicken!  We love us some pulled beer can chicken sandwiches... sold them at a bbq comp last month and had a line around the corner!


Great looking corn too!  Hats off to ya my friend!

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