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Originally Posted by desertlites View Post

I agree with ya on the hot smoke,it does tend to dry them out to pretty much perfection.After dozens of batches of these nuts I'm always being asked to supply more.


What type of wood do you use?




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I use cherry, apple, or pecan. Or a mix of all the above.
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Made a batch of these over the weekend and they are awesome!  Definitely plan to make a few more batches and play with the recipe to try different flavors and heats.


My batch did come out a bit stickier that I would prefer.  I kept them around 230, spread them out on parchment paper to cool, and then put them into jars.  Problem is they are a real pain to get out of the jar.  I did have a water pan in for part of the time as I was also doing a few slabs of ribs, so I will definitely try again without the water next time.  Some friends suggested adding a coating, like a bit of corn starch or something similar, but I am concerned about altering the flavor.


Any other thoughts or suggestions on how to make them less sticky?

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Grind up almonds or pecans or ?????? into a fine powder..... roll them in your "NEW" powder.....
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Put a batch of these on the smoker today but with peanuts for my wife's turkey work lunch. Thanks for the recipe!
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How sticky are these after the final smoke?





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Originally Posted by RASelkirk View Post

How sticky are these after the final smoke?



Depends on how well you cook/smoke them. Also depends on the humidity. Usually they turn out not very sticky. Right out of the smoker they will clump together, but a day later they are pretty hard like peanut brittle.
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Guess what folks... Years later this recipe is still on rockin'. I used some kroger brand chipotle hot sauce because that's what I had in the fridge. My son was a little heavy handed with the honey. Everything else tied to the recipe. As for the clumps I broke up the clumps right out of the smoker and broke up again a little later while still warm. Mine were not sticky at all. Smoked at 225 for 3 hours with Apple wood and water in the pan.

I also made a non spicy version which were not nearly as goodiscussed (lighter colored).

Edit: One thing I noticed with the 2 batches I made is that the one wok (spicy) was set at a slightly cooler temp and I stirred constantly. The other was a little higher and stirred less which had the hard clumps of brown sugar. Long story short, start lower temp, work the temp up if needed, and stir more.
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