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who stole my ribs?

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made a batch of country style ribs, marinaded two days in cattlemans gold

put em in the gosm with some other friends and went to work painting my house

my son and a few of his friends are swimming in the pool asked me if the ribs are ready, i said yes but ill pull them after i finished the section i was painting,  i finished and went to get the ribs,  but they are gone i walk over to the pool and the boys were just finishing them off

so no finished pics but there is one of them while they were in the smoker  so it was real


6-25 003.jpg


6-25 004.jpg


6-25 007.jpg


6-25 008.jpg


thanks for looking

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Oh man I wish I could get Cattlemens Gold around here. One of the local bars had the best wing sauce and I finally found out that it was Cattlemens Gold but I can't get it around here. You are lucky!

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do you have a restaurant depot or a winn dixe  thats where i get em

if you dont, i can ship you a party size jug

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lol, that was your own fault!  You should have said "no, they aren't done yet."

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I'm glad you caught those thieves there What else you got in that smoker?

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i usually pack the smoker,  i figure as long as it's smoking might as well fill it up

i got a chicken,some thighs in my thigh pan and a few sausages for snacking while i get my honeydos finished

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You're not alone when it comes to dealing with teenage boys.  We never have leftovers anymore!

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what is a leftover?   havent seen those for a couple of years

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next time when they are not around, smoke some ribs and then ask/call them to help you paint the house. When they arrive, sit and eat the ribs while you watch them paint. The moral of the story is " Don't mess with older folks". LOL!

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We thought we had the leftover thing under control too when the last one went off to college 9 years ago - now all 3 kids come back with their kids - love to cook for them but sometimes ya just wanna tell em to wait for the rest of us

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What is this world coming too when we have to start putting a paddle lock on our smokers !!!

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Funny times with teens! LOL  Now that mine is older my last beer always seems to disappear! 

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No No NO!

 I told my boy ,I'll feed ya, But ya buy your own beer!!!!

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Originally Posted by MossyMO View Post

What is this world coming too when we have to start putting a paddle lock on our smokers !!!

I was thinking more along the lines of a dead-bolt.........

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Nice job in the smoker.


Wing sauce to marinate pork ... Mmmmmm.  Sounds great.


Same thing at my house this weekend.  World Cup party, 15 1/2 y/o son and a bunch of his buddies show up.  Their girls showed up right after USA lost and everyone was hungry.


Amazing how much teenagers eat and still stay skinny.

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Great food and glad you had anything left to eat yourself. I have felt your pain. A little subterfuge next time. "What's on the grill?" "Nothing-ox tails-liver & onions-raccon"-(insert non-desireable food) Good luck in the future good post

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