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Blueberry Yogurt Chicken

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ivw seen a lot of people using yogurt as a marinade and thought i would try it,  but then i saw a big container of blueberry yogort and thought OK i like bleuberry and chicken might tasdte good with a blueberry taste.   I marinaded for three days and spatchcocked my chicken and smoked over some peach wood.  it had a wonderful flavor and the blueberry taste really came through

6-25 002.jpg

6-25 006.jpg

6-25 008.jpg

6-25 010.jpg

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6-25 013.jpg

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6-25 015.jpg


look at the meat the blueberry got into the meat and turned it a slight purplish color



it came out quite tasty and i will do this again

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Very interesting. I might have to give this a shot. Good job.

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Beautiful chicken Rick.

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Sounds interesting, another one for the smoke list.

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now that is thinking out of the box, I will have to try that

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Never thought of using yogurt as a marinade. I've seen buttermilk used but .... this is a new one to me. By the looks and sounds of it, all worked out well. I'm digging the blue-ish color of the chicken!

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