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I have got to get myself one of the Amazing smokers. The last batch of cheese I did was OK, but it was very strong and it did have the bitter after taste.


I will say I was really happy with the smoked wedge of picorino romano, was awesome grated ontop of all kinds of stuff!

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Squirrel - It is so funny you mentioned that... That is EXACTLY what I started to cook after i saw that picture!!! I actually just got ketchup on my keyboard cause I'm mowing my grilled cheese right now!!!



Johnny K.

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the cheese looks good, aside from the melting. I smoke cheese all the time. sharp cheddar and gouda are my favorite. next comes pepperjack

I smoke them at night . the smoker temp will only rise 1 degree. I smoke the cheese mainly with apple, or cherry dust.

no more then 2 hours. the cheese needs to be cold before you start. once the cheese is done. wrap in plstic and now the hard part. let it sit in the frige for 7 to 10 days. the smoke flavor will mellow into the cheese. make more then you can eat. once friends and family know you have it, you will always be out of it. seriously. I was in a bad car accident and was stuck on my back for three months. a guy from work called me the first week and asked me. can you still smoke me some chesse, or is it to soon in your recovery.  I just laughed and sent him some of my extras. its that good.

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