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My First smoker ADVENTURE !

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Ok all.. It's time for me to try my first smoker adventure ! I have a turkey breast soaking in salt, brown sugar, apple cider, and maple syrup..  it goes on at noon tomorrow in my meco electric water smoker.. Wish Me Luck All !!   

                                              Here i go...

                                                          Bob in Montana.... hoping i don't kill it.. lol

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I see that you're already brining (or is it a marinade?), but check out Tip's Slaughterhouse recipes in the WIKI for an injection and spritz.  Also, you may want to crank up the temp to over 300 towards the end in order to crisp up the skin.


P.S.  Welcome to the forums, and don't forget to introduce yourself in Roll Call so everyone else can welcome you, too!

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Welcome to the SMF. Good luck on that brined bird. I moved your thread to roll call so that everyone can give you a warm welcome to the SMF. It';s all good my friend.

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Welcome MtFireman !


You'll love it here.




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Welcome to the forum and lets see some pics of that turkey.

 I'm interested in how this comes out so let us know.

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Thank You All ! The bird is 1 1/2 hours in... sitting here wishing i was back in the montana woods.. ( you don't smell clean wood smoke in the cities around here) lol .. i'll get pics.. then see if i can figure out hot to post them on here.( took me a while to figure out how to post to forums..) Thanks for the hearty welcomes .. I'll post again to let you all know this experiment worked out.. Happy Sunday..

                              Fireman Bob

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Bob - glad to have you with us at SMF. Can't wait to see some pics of your bird as it sounds mighty tasty!

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Welcome to the forum - you will like it here - remember to taks some pics cause no quiew it did not happen 

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Welcome aboard!  Looking forward to some Qview of that bird you're fixin!  


(Posting pictures is pretty your reply or new post you have the menu icons across the top, one of them says insert image, select it, locate the file on your computer and upload....hope that helps.)

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Welcome to the SMF forum, You came to the right place. Good people and good info.

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