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pulled pork?

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I am doing pulled pork for the wifes birthday on the 10th.  I am buying a 12 pound shoulder does it matter if I cut it In half to shorten the cook time?  Same flavor?  More bark peices?  Is  there  any down side to doing this?   thanks

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I would think just more surface area for bark production.  It should be the same as doing 2 smaller roasts.  Don't know how much time you'll save, though.  What's the rush?

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Still new myself, but cutting the butt in two would mean two smaller pieces of meat.  The less thickness heat has to pass through to cook means shorter cooking times.  I don't think half of the time would apply, but two thirds to three quarters may apply.


The best thing to do is use a thermometer and cook to temp for safety and take as long as neccessary to get there.


Just my 2 cents.

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