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Son's birthday wish

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So my wonderful son turns 8 today & when he said he wanted dad's ribs for his birthday dinner I swelled with pride


So here they are trimmed & ready last night




Some rub




Three racks


tristans birthday.jpg


More to come as the smoke goes on!





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I'm sure your son will have a great b-day with Dad's present.

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Your a GOOD DAD    

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I can't wait for that day to come. My oldest is 31/2 and all he wants is hotdogs.

Happy birthday to your boy

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My wife asked the 7 and 8 year old Grandkids what they wanted for Easter dinner a few months back, figuring ham and turkey. They said Pop-Pop Steak and Ribs.  Have them trained well!


Looking forward to the finished product.

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That son of yours has some great taste for a young'un! Those ribs are already looking good!  Have a great smoke and birthday with the lil man!  Looking forward to more Qview.

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well hour & half in & he could wait to see them so a quick spritz, peek, & of course pic


2 hours in.jpg


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So here we are at the end of the party


sauced 6-25.jpg


Plated with some corn & homemade mac salad


plated 6-25.jpg


Sorry for the poor quailty I had to use my iphone?


These were by far not my best, should of known by the lack of pull back? I used the 2-2-1 & even went a little longer at the end but no pull back? Everybody else enjoyed them & my son too!! So i guess it could've been worse! Thanks for looking

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Looks awesome I hope he had a great Birthday

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Very nice on the smoked ribs and it kinda gets you right here when the kids ask you to smoke something for them on there B-days. It's a kinda of a rule around here that you get something special on your birthday. Except when our oldest daughter wanted lobsters and also wanted to ask a bunch of friends over for some too. She got the lobster but........

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Looking good Terry. Bet you did not need any fire yesterday as it was over 100 in Bullhead.   lol


Ribs look good and I get the same complement when we go out to eat and G. Kids say, in front of the waiter, that my ribs are better TeeHeee...

My gang wants ribs and Beer can chicken.

Looks like good eats and good Qview.... love the salad!!


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Only kingman would understand:) it was actually 112
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