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UDS question on liners

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I got two oil drums from NAPA. I have burned the paint off both with three burning to be on the safe side. How would I know if there was a liner in the barrels? The inside is now Charred up and I want to get it ready for the fourth of July.



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I would think with three burns, you should be good to go.  A UDS owner can confirm or correct that statement as necessary.  Good luck for the 4th!!!

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My barrels had no liner, but I believe it would be redish color if it was a liner. You could take a wire wheel on a grinder and with a little pressure you will scuff thru the liner. 


From what I hear, the liner can make it thru a good fire and still be stuck on pretty good. 


For the future, the paint on the outside really doesn't have to come off unless you are doing it for cosmetic reasons. Mine has the original paint with hammered black on top of that. Unless you really crank out a heck of a fire the high heat paint isn't needed. There has been no ill affects on mine. There are pics of mine in my sig line.


Good Luck and don't forget to show us a few pics in progress.

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Thanks for the info. There is no reddish color and if my memory recalls I believe if you have a little surface rust on the inside, which I did, there is no liner. I have also touched it up with a wire wheel on the inside and the charring just flaked off. Will take that for no liner. I have this link to photobucket for progress.

Thanks guys!


I know this isn't the way Qview is supposed to be but my camera takes huge pictures and I don't have time or the patience to resize them right now.

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