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Cleaning out my seed inventory.

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Next spring I'll be taking out all my NM plants, and just going with the new NuMex Heritage 6-4. So after going through my seeds, I've decided to let them go to someone who would like to plant them, as in for free.

I currently have chile seeds for;

  • Serrano
  • Chichimeca Jalapeno
  • NuMex Sandia
  • NM Chimayo
  • NM Alcalde
  • Big Jim med. heat (certified)
  • Sandia Hot (certified)
  • NM Espanola Improved (certified)


I also have these other seeds:

  • Eureka cucumbers
  • Heartland tomato
  • Italian Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Large Leaf Basil
  • White Spanish onion
  • Rudolph Radishes
  • Coriander
  • Niagara Sweet peppers


Anyone interested, shoot me a pm.

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Man oh Man there Rich that's quite the list of seeds. I wouldn't mind having some of them for the wife and I have started growing a garden and things are growing and producing some vegs too. If you think that some of them will grow if northeast Fl I wouldn't mind a starter kit. Now we have some tomatoes, cikes, squesh and even some corn growing right now but I think that we will be expanding soon for more stuff. I'm pretty sure that I'm hooked for I check on them everyday now. I don't do something everyday I just look most of the time.

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I can't speak for growing them in Florida, but let me know what you'd like, and a mailing address. Shoot that info. to me in a pm ASAP, I already have another interested party.

Thanks my friend.

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Update, the tomato seeds are spoken for.


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Update June 24, 7:00 pm PST, I only have these left;

NM Alcalde

)NM Big Jim med. heat (certified)

NM Espanola Improved hotter than a Big Jim (certified)


Large leaf Basil

Italian Parsley



Glad some folks are taking them, I didn't want to ffed them to the birds!

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My seed inventory is now depleted, and seeds will be going out on June 28th via USPS. If you have any questions about the seeds or planting,growing, go to and you'll find good general information available to you. Chile specific information can be obtained at this site


I may not have been able to send you exactly what you requested, but I tried my best.


Enjoy my friends.


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