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Summer Sausage Seasonings

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Where in your opinion is the best place to buy summer sausage seasonings?



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I have used a kit from Hi Mountain and I bought it at Gander mountain. Probably because there's one about 2 miles from my front door.

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I can personally recommend Backwoods summer sausage and trail bologna from  The trail bologna is a spicier version that is better as an hors d'oevre on a cheese tray than it is as sandwiches.

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I buy Leggs spice from Columbia Spice. Great flavor and I believe there is no MSG in it which is a bonus for me because some of the people I make it for cant deal well with MSG.

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I have been using Excalibur Seasoning forever and honestly think there is nothing better. IMHO

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I get most of my supplies from Butcher & Packer

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butcher and packer here to .Tryed some "uncle bucks" summer seasoning last yr from bass pro shops becuse i decided to make the sausage on a whim and must say... i will never buy it again didnt taste like the butcher-packer

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LEM stuff is perty good.  But ya can usually mix up yer own to, lots a recipes round the net.  Start out makin small batch's till ya get the seasonins where ya like em.

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I think developing your own spice mix is a great way to go.  Play with it, that's where the fun is.



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