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Father's Day Weekend Smoke (Heavy Qview)

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I tried a Multi-tasking feat of super human proportion for my Father's Day Smoke.  1 Beef Clod (22 lbs) 2 racks of BB, 1 rack of Spares, 2 beer can chickens, 12 beer Brats, 8 lbs of leg quarters.  The object was to smoke the Clod to perfection with the ability to get the other things on and off at the right times during the 18hr smoke.


Here goes. 


The General ready for duty at 0830 Saturday morning.



The Clod was first and here it is after 2 hrs at 1030.




I used the Smoking log off of Jeff's site.  I wouldn't have been able to keep track of everything without it.


The plan was to start at 0830 and be done by midnight.  Good plan. Didn't work out.

Next was the beer can chickens and the leg quarters. I wrapped the legs with bacon and the thighs I injected with Hot 

Wing sauce and BBQ sauce.  mmmm  good.



Next was the ribs.  Spares I figured at 3-2-1 and the BB's at 2-2-1.




Notice the Clod in the back.....It's about 1530 by this time.  Things are looking good....but it was not to last.




About starts to come a little Summer shower.  After all it's 97 degrees and 70 percent humidity...these things come and pass as soon as they start, right.....wrong.




To make an extremely long story (and night) short. It rained for 4-5 hrs, dumped 1.5 inches of rain right in them middle of my Mega Smoke.  I did get everything off successfully except for the Clod.  He still needed time. It plateaued at 153 for more than 5 hrs.  I gave up fighting the wind and rain at 2230 and put the thing in the oven until it reached 200 around 0230 Sunday morning.  Wrapped it in more foil and towels and it sat in the ice chest until 0600 when I got up and shredded it for pulled beef.  









No sauce, just Pepper and Sea Salt.....




Couldn't have done it without the inspiration from you guys here.  Thanks for looking, I have to go get some more leftovers from the fridge.





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Very nice mega meal my friend! I hope you were able to enjoy at least the chicken in the rain?
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Looks like it all came out great even with the weather against you

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Everything tasted great.  The beer can chicken was a little over cooked, it was over the hottest part of the rack and I lost track of it during the downpour. Thanks for looking.  I've smoked lots of stuff over the years but this was the first "clod" I have done.  I read about them here on the site and last week I was at my locale grocery and I asked the meat guy if he had ever heard of a one.  He said, "Sure, we have them all the time."  He brought me out this beast that was 22lbs @ $1.99 per pound.  So I bought the little beauty and the rest, you know.

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Nice job you did there.

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VERY NICE, RW .  That's one heck of a smoke for yer self!

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After all Mother Nature could at you you managed to turn out some really good looking Q and some fab Qview too. Way to go and keep on keepin on there RW 

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Great looking smoke there. Nothing like a 4 hour wind and rain storm to lengthen if not kill a good smoke.

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