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Pepperoni rolls to!

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Along with the pepperoni sticks I whooped up some pepperoni rolls to.




Were gonna slice these up fer pizza's an such.  There mighty tastey an this recipe be just bout perfect.  They was still a touch warm, ain't been outa the smoker too long, much better now that they been in the ice box fer a bit.

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They got me wantin some pizza. Nice looking stuff as always Tip, thanks for sharing the Q-view.

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Now Pepperoni is one of those things that are way up there on my To Do List. Now yours looks great. You wouldn't share the recipe would you there old buddy Tip........Please   

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Tasty looking pepperoni ya got there Tip! I got to get around to sausage making one of these days, that is inspiring me.

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These look great too, and you just reminded me of an old recipe to make pepperoni rolls, cant remember much but they were some kind of dough with pepperoni inside, damn now I'm trying to remember lol

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That is great looking pepperoni Tip - congrats on another mouthwatering post

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I gotta start makin' sausages. Those look tasty!

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