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Basic smoked Korean style wings w-pics

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Chicken looks great....I wish I had some for breakfast right now.....

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Yum!  Love those wings.  Need to do a batch of those, too!

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PS: hope you and your family are OK, chisoxjim.  Sounds like things may be a bit rough lately.  We're here for ya.

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all is good, just burnt out after doing that competition, then a pig roast the next week.  getting back into it though.


My main reason for not being on SMF alot is the new format(I hate it). 


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Oh wow, those look amazing.  I'm about to find something for lunch and I want those!

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I reserved some of the toasted sesame seeds that are in the sauce and added them when done,  gave a nice crunch.

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Man I love wings!

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Congrats, those are killer looking wing things. Looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing. It's all good my friend.

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Your wings are always the best! How long do you let them go?
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since thee were done at a higher heat they were ready after about an hour.


When I do them at lower temps they take 1.45 hours and then need to be crisped up on the kettle. 

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i was gonna say looks like you put the seeds on after, i just mixed them in the sauce but i guess you did both.

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Those wings look great Jim - great post as usual - I really like to do wings at the higher temps for the crisper skin  

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Well the wing look great there Jim. I'm sorry you don't like the new format is it because you are not used to it or what. I guess I'm getting use to it and I don't think it's bad it just took some getting used to it. But then you post threads more then me too.

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thanks folks,  I had sesame seeds in the sauce, and reserved some for later(so they would stay crisp).


I try to get used to the format, but it is just an awkward/slow design with too many gadgets and bells and whistles. imho.   it is what it is, & ill either decide to get used to it or move on.


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