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How long does Jeff's rub keep?

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I made my first batch of Jeff's rub over Memmorial Day Weekend, and its been in a Tupperware container since the leftover mix still good?  Im guessing it is...i dont see why not.  But thought i would turn to the vast knowledge of the SMF!

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Like the spices and herbs you used to create it, it will keep several months properly stored like you are doing. But it will have the best taste and punch the sooner you use it.

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When I make a large batch of the rub, I use what I need then put the rest in a zip loc bag and place it in the freezer. If it seems a little dry when you take it out or the texture seems to be lost, you can pop it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to refresh it.


I have kept rub in the freezer for several months with no problem. Just make sure to pour out what you need into a separate container and return the closed ziploc to the freezer to ensure that there is no cross contamination when preparing meats.


Usually it does not last that long... my kids are real bad about using it on everything and my 14 year old daughter uses it in almost all of her recipes

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My preference is to keep spice mixes in glass jars  ... made rubs from other receipes and stored them for extended periods of time - couple, three months.


I'll eventually break down and get Jeff's receipes, but for now, I'm playing with a few from Raichlen and some I created on my own.

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The biggest concern is moisture.  You may need to run it through a blender (or food processor) again to get any chunks out that formed due to moisture. 

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I keep it in the fridge, it does get a bit stiff, but I just shake up or twist a fork around in it

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I guessing that Jeff would know. Ask him...

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