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Wow thats looks awesome! Great job on that sausage.

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Oh ya that is some good looking sausage right there -

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Looks awesome!!

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i've always wanted to try making sausage. that looks great!!!! thanks for sharing the pics!!!

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Can you share how long you cooked the pototes and corn and shrimp in the boil?  I am making homeade andouille on saturday and hoping to do a boil on monday.  Thanks in advance

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Love that stuff! Yours looks fantastic! Way to bring it!

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Originally Posted by bratrules View Post

made a shrimp boil with the andouille a small one just for me and the wife!!Photo0454.jpg


@ bratrules, I'll trade you some of this (  for some of them shrimp !!!! Looks-Great.gif I haven't had any good shrimp latley, but I expect to be getting into some soon !!!!

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Good looking sausage, how about sharing the recipe ( i need to make some)
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