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Today's Lunch

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I woke up this morning with a craving for some good wings, so off to the store I went for some provisions. Picked up a package of wings and a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's wing sauce to try out. I fired up my newish SV24 and then separated the wings into the proper pieces. Then I seasoned them lightly with some Tony C's.





I also had a dozen jalapenos, and ABT's sounded like a great side for some wings.




I smoked everything @250 with some mesquite chunks until the wings were about 165, then I put them under the broiler hoping to crisp up the skin. It worked pretty well for the most part. I was getting kinda impatient, so a few were still a little rubbery. I sauced them and plated them and chowed down!




This was the first time I have tried this particular sauce and it wasn't bad. Not enough heat for me, but very good flavor. Definitely won't be my last go at this particular meal!

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Now I'm hungry for wings.......

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That looks soooo good, hey, where did you get that nifty ABT holder? I want one!

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Congrats on a tasty lunch. It's all good my friend.

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Very nice lunch for a monday!!!

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 BPS has them with a corer for $15 plus shipping.

 where did you get that nifty ABT holder?
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I got the ABT holder at Sportsman's Warehouse. Its made by King Kooker, 36 holes and yes it came with a corer. I paid $20. I always did them boat style, but it takes up a lot of rack space that way. This was my first go with the holder and it works well, but either the holes are a little small or the peppers were just way too big. It makes them a little unstable while transporting to and from the smoker. I guess its better to have the holes a little on the small side to allow for more of a one size fits all, also allows for some shrinkage....

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Good looking lunch - thanks for the review on the sauce too

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Looking good and I 2nd that on the nifty ABT Holder.

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Heck I would hire you if you came to work with lunch that looked like that everyday. Then I guess you would need something to do the other times when we're not eating. NeverMind.

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I too found the holes in the holder to be a bit small.  To make up for that I ensure they are all touching.  It helps stabilize them.  I also use entire strips of bacon and bridge the ABTs with the bacon.  It seems to help hold them still during transport and while you are messing with the smoker. 

Great looking wings by the way!

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