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Popping my Smokin Cherry with a 9 lbs Pork Butt - With Q-View

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Been looking forward to this weekend ever since I decided to buy the CGSP in March. 

It was my daughter's second Bday, plus Father's Day weekend, so I took the opportunity to smoke a Boston Butt.  Found a nice 9 pounder from the local butcher and started at 11 pm Friday night.  I haven't had the chance to make any modifications yet, but everything worked great as is (but I still plan on making some of the mods).  I made up a rub and my own homemade Chipotle BBQ Sauce.  I decided to putt the butt in a pan instead of directly on the grill, because I wanted to protect the bottom from any temp spikes, since it was my first smoke, and because I haven't installed a baffle yet.  I also ended up not foiling the butt for the entire smoke and that worked out very nicely.  The Butt reached 200 Deg at 11 am the next morn, and I proceeded to wrap it in foil and a few towels and into the cooler for a few hours.  I unwrapped it and began pulling it right before people started showing up.  I didn't get any pics of pulled, because I got too busy once people began showing up; about 20 adults and 10 kids total.  The parts was "Dora and Diego" themed for my daughter so I made up enchiladas, pico de gallo, guacamole, spanish rice, empanadas, and cole slaw to go with the pork.  Everything was great, and I owe many thanks to everybody on the forum for all of the great information here.  Here are some pics to get your weeks started right!








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You did a Fablous Job there ands it looks liek about an 8lbs of pure YUMMO to me. Great Job

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Great first smoke - looks very appetizing

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Nice job, ya got a great looking bark on that piggy!

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Looking good and now for my cut ship it to AZ lol


Very good first step but you have to be reprimanded for not stepping back and slapping hands until you got the pictures to complete the Qview...LOLOLOLOLOL  HAHAHA


Great job... Keep up the gooood smokes...


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That is some fine swine you got there sir.

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 Looks great ...sure would have liked some pulled photos but great first time.

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we like big butts we cannot lie.

 Great looking smoke and finished product!!!

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I hope my butt turns out as good this coming weekend! Great job! 

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So ....


First, excellent job.


Second - did you do anything with the drippings?


I've done a few butts and let the dripping go into the water pan.  Seeing your post makes me thing of one word ... GRAVY.

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Awesome-looking first smoke -- congrats! 

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I did take the drippings and put them in the fridge, let the fat coagulate to skim off and then added the pure goodness back to the pulled pork along with a lil finishing sauce. 

*A side note on leaving the pork in the pan.  Even though a bark did not form on the bottom half of the butt, it did cook in the pork fat that eventually collected, making the bottom section a "pork confit" of sorts, and very tasty.

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Looks great and finished in killer time

1.33 hours per/lb

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Looks fantastic! Sounds like you had a great party too. Belated Happy Birthday to your little one.

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I too think that the juice looks like it had great potential!


Helluva first smoke

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Maxx, that is some fine looking grub!  Great job.  Keep posting!

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