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What Difference A Day Makes! Ribs/Beans (3-2-1) Qview

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Had a great Fathers Day smoke and hope all you other Dad's did too!  Had a long 3 day weekend and smoked each day, now I'm ready to go back to work and get some rest!! LOL  Fridays first round tried out some ABTs and Cabbage....learned some things, second round, Saturday, 1 rack of spares and two incredible whole chicks...learned great things which provided for an awesome family feast today!  And thanks to all of you have posted as I picked up stuff that allowed my learning curve to be pretty small!  


Had plans to do a butt in addition to the 3 racks and beans, BUT, it was so hot yesterday...the adult beverages started flowing pretty good early, smelling smoke all afternoon and all ya know...when I woke at 2:30 a.m. to get started, well, I wasn't feeling quite up to it....had one of those adult sinus headaches (if ya know what I mean) and was pretty darn tired!!!! LMAO


Any how, on to today's successes!  My BIGGEST learning event yesterday had to do with the rub application....yesterday I believe I caked on toooo much!  Today, went a little lighter on the coverage, one uniformed coating, and not two or three layers...just one nice light cover.  Used Jeff's rub on 2 racks and something I mixed up to try on 1 rack.  Both turned out awesome.


Also tried the 3-2-1 at the last minute today at the 3 hour mark, except after reading many of your post I cut the 2 hour phase to 1 1/2 hours and it was still just a tad much.  If I wrap them again I think I'm only going to drop the wrap time to 1 hour.  At 1 1/2 they were falling off the bone.  Ok, ok...I'll shut up (can't tell I enjoy it?) and get on with the qview!  


@Pineywoods you're right! No temp probe needed for ribs! Made me think of the ole saying, look, no hands! haha Definitely Appreciate all the tips and tricks everyone shares!





3 hrs in - Sorry I didn't get a before to illustrate my comments about less rub can be better. Right before foiling for 1 1/2 hours.


Talk about fall off the bone good!! 




Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans Recipe was INCREDIBLY!! WIKI for recipe! zero leftover beans! That's a first and 3 lbs to boot! These are SUPERB!!


Grilled taters and some sauce I whipped up that was pretty tasty!



The things we do to have a smoke!  A nasty quick late day storm blew in...lightning hit a house a couple street over...I don't play well with lightning.....



As always, thanks to each and everyone of you who post and share your knowledge and experience, good and bad, so even us newbies and can smoke up some pretty darn good Q!

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congrats on what was a great weekend wonderful smokes

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Perfect looking meal there, congrats!

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That looks outstanding

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Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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Yes even newbies can smoke something really good and tastey too. You did a fabulous job there Dean

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Thanks everyone!  


mballi...we can't help but to do good with all the great information and help from all! 

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Well done friend. I need a new keyboard now!
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Looks great. Send some this way!

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Looks  great and now i have to make dutches beans, off topic but that roof over your porch is exactly what i was thinking of doing to mine, does it keep the sun off ok or is it still hot underneath it?

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Great Post!


Awesome lookin' meal!




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Thanks again guys.  @pandemonium....definitely give Dutch's beans a try and if you like pineapples, up the recipe an extra can! Otherwise someone else in the crowd is likely to pick them out before you get seconds!!! arrrgggh! (LOL)  On the pergola, it has helped a lot, we used to not even go out on the back deck during the day because it faces south and the sun just cooked.  It has helped some but I want to order the sun screen/block material to put on top to help even more.  You can get the screening material in different colors and densities for under a 100.  I've probably still got a pdf file I bought online for building one, if you want it send me a message me your email.

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PM sent.  Great looking setup.  You're really going to love that smoker.  It's really produced a lot of smoked food for me.

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Great looking chow I need to do the 3-2-1 differently mine aren't coming out like yours. The BEANS look awesome too!

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Dean, Thanks for the PDF.  That is going to create two jobs for me (one on the front deck and one over the smoking area), but it sure makes it simple enough to follow.


The pineapple bits:  I didn't chop them, I bought them, as small chunks.  Maybe a store search will turn them up.  They're one step up from crushed.  Krogers, I think.  We have an associated store of theirs (carries their product line) up here.

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Dean great smoke session you had there and those beans do look great.  Next time you do those beans, do what I do when I know my oldest grand daughter (3 year old) is coming over-substitute the chunk/tidbit pineapple for crushed. My grand daughter won't eat those beans but she thinks that she is entitled to any and all pieces of pineapple that is put in those beans.


Just make sure that you drain the crushed pineapple (I dump it into a screen type colander); if you don't it will make the beans really runny.

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