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My Fathers Day Smoke, Heavy Qview

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I haven't posted in awhile so here we go. I went to the local grocery store and found these.


The store label says Baby Back Ribs, but under on the plastic packing it is a Loin Back.

2010-06-20 08.40.54.jpg


Here they are before trimming, I didn't trim too much, just the little extra on the meaty side. Oh and pulled the membrane.

2010-06-20 08.48.32.jpg


After trimming and pulling the membrane.

2010-06-20 08.54.13.jpg


A little mustard added to bind the rub to the ribs, I'm sorry but I forgot to get a pic with the rub on.....Oops!!

2010-06-20 09.08.28.jpg


I am trying a new to me Lump Coal; Greenwise from Pulix Market, There mainly east coast. I picked this up in Tallahasee, Fl.

2010-06-20 11.37.32.jpg

2010-06-20 11.37.42.jpg


Here it is in the Fire Box. The small cake pan is what I put my Pecan Chunks in.

2010-06-20 11.53.54.jpg


Now for some TBS!!


Even Thinner TBS!!


On the Smoker at 12:30 PM

2010-06-20 12.24.22.jpg


2 Hours in about to foil

2010-06-20 14.27.37.jpg


Opened for the last hour to tighten back up

2010-06-20 16.24.46.jpg


Good bone draw back

2010-06-20 16.24.57.jpg


The lump kept between this temp and 250 for the whole time with minimal adjusting to vents and 1 chimney more an hour into the foiling and a half chimney as a just in case after opening foil to tighten up the ribs.

2010-06-20 16.37.12.jpg


Basted and resting

2010-06-20 17.24.38.jpg


Cut and ready to it!!

2010-06-20 17.35.13.jpg


It was quite good. I adjusted my Rub recipe a little as follows:


1/2 cup Brown Sugar

1/3 cup Paprika

2 Tbls Ground Dry Mustard

2 Tbls Onion Powder

2 Tbls Garlic Powder

2 Tbls Ground Sweet Basil

1 Tbls Chili Powder

1 Tbls Red Pepper Flakes

1 Tbls Black Pepper

1 Tbls Kosher Salt

1 Tbls Cayenne Pepper


Combine all ingredients and mix well.


Thanks for Looking and Enjoy!!

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Good looking ribs!  I like that rub recipe.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks for posting the pics.

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Those look great.

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nice and moist and nice smoke ring. Can I have one please

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Nice lookin ribs there neighbor! I didn't hear my phone ring to come eat. i guess it must be in the truck.

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Looks great! I just learned something new too - whenever I foiled my ribs I took the foil completely off for the last hour and it was a big pain - from your pics now I know I can just open them from the top and leave them in the foil!

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Originally Posted by rc1991 View Post

 from your pics now I know I can just open them from the top and leave them in the foil!

My mentor, ShooterRick taught me that. I used to unfoil them and put them back on the smoker, then refoil them with new foil to let them rest, what a waste of foil.

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Great looking ribs!

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