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Second prime rib in the works

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Here is the link from a couple of months ago I am taking lot of pictures this time.


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I am still trying to figure out the posting in this site so bare with me if something looks wrong.  This time it spent 48 hrs with the seasoning on it and i rubbed it down with EVOO first (not sure what difference it will make but it sounded good)126_2677.JPG

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Decided to try some potatoes with a sea salt/spicy seasoning rub along with it this time and I also have 2 cans of apple juice to help add a little extra steam, loaded up with some chunks and a few chips.......ready to go!! 126_2678.JPG126_2680.JPG126_2681.JPG126_2679.JPG

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Well, its done a little sooner than I had planned only took 3 hrs to hit 140 with a cooking temp of 220 so I am having to finish off the spuds in the oven hopefully they will be done by the time rib is done resting.

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Now your rib looks really yummy. I see you have takin your roast to 140° is that because you want it med. rare in the center.???? Now it will be really good I just know it. You can leave the rib in the cooler for awhile if you pack the cooler really full of towels.

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The roast looks great! Nice job!



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Where are the finished pics??!!  I love smoked prime rib.  Looks very tasty!

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Ok here are the results:

Rib.......mmmmmmmm Taters.......well, I prefer to throw them on the grill while I am cooking something else that takes about an hour, there was a bit too much smoke on them for me, actually the meat could have used a little less smoke as well but still.........WOW.  What a way to finish off a Fathers day!! 126_2682.JPG

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It look great...I really want to do one...

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That looks great! Nice job.

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