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Reheating Ribs

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Suggestions on reheating ribs?  I usually throw them in the oven, but last time, it seemed to dry them out a bit.  Maybe it was too hot or too long?  Should I wrap in foil?  What works for you?

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Wrap in foil with some moisture at 145'. Should hold good.

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I vacum seal whole racks and then reheat in the bag in a pan of simmering water.

 or you can get a broiler pan w/ rack and steam the ribs. DO NOT cover when steaming as it will make the ribs soft.

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I reheat almost everything in the oven except BBQ.  I generally hate the microwave but it works well for BBQ because of moisture.  I've done brisket in foil with a little apple juice in the oven and it was OK.

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Now I never re-heat in the oven and now I re-heat using a pasta pot/ steamer pot. I just boil water and give them a few minutess to heat up. To me it seems to keep the meat moist and it brings out smokey flavor a little bit more to Me

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I usually wrap in foil and reheat in low oven.


I've also nuked them with good results.  Just make sure you wrap them in damp towels or something. 

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crock pot with a little sauce / liquid works well too.  Any low heat, moist envorionment.  Avoid microwave at all costs. 

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I usually foil and put in a 225-250 degree oven for 30 minutes give or take. You can also microwave on MEDIUM, never use HIGH unless you're heating tea water or cooking popcorn.

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I use a chafing dish for bulkc-chafing_dish.jpg


But will heat wrapped in foil in the oven for a few ribs, NEVER the microwave, my wife will eat them cold.

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