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St. Louis ribs for Fathers Day

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my test-run went well enough the other evening, so that got me the go-ahead to make Fathers day dinner for all the dads in my family (should be 13 people over here in a couple hours). 3 racks, using Jeff's rub, and some apple chips for TBS. Got 'em on just before 2, if I can maintain my temp, we should be right on time for a 6:30 dinner.





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Lookin' good so far, BSD-guy!


Best of luck, and Happy Father's Day to you!

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Hmmmmm, 3 racks for 13 folks is not alot of ribs . but they dang sure look good .

 guess we'd have to fight for them winner take all.

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you are correct, not a whole lot of ribs, but we've got a lot of other food going too. No one ever leaves our house hungry :) (well, except me in the morning when I am late for work)

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they look very good

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Those look like some mighty fine ribs that you have there. You also have some really nice Qview also. Happy Father's day to all you and yours.

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Looks like a great start!!

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well, unfortunately, something happened to the pics, my phone didn't save them for some reason. I could take one now, but all I have to show is an empty platter. I guess that's a good thing though. 

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Job well done, well all except for the part where the pics messed up but that didnt kill the party so all is good. It even better when the plates are empty, you know you did something right for sure. 

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