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OKC Gathering?

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I have exactly zero experience with organizing a gathering, but there are tons of members in Oklahoma and Texas that I would love to meet and share some Q with!


Is anyone interested in this idea?  Let me know, and we'll get the ball rolling. 

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An Oklahoma city gathering would be pretty cool. 

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That would be great. There are quite a few from Oklahoma on the forum..

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Cool.  I'll start looking around for a good campground.


Also, I can pick up all of the meats that we'll need fresh from a local rancher if that would be easier.  He'll probably need a couple of weeks notice.

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Still looking at campgrounds.  Gonna ask my Uncle who has lived here 30+ years and was Deputy Chief of Police for suggestions this weekend for something nice and safe.


I'll keep you posted, and we should think about when would be a good time.  Maybe early Autumn, but I don't want it to conflict with the Colorado Gathering.

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