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Thermo comparison

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Americas Test Kitchen did a thermometer comparison. Heres the link if anyone is interested...


Later SOB

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Hmpf.  I thought there were more than 8 thermo's.  Geez.

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I went to look and saw that it's a pay site. You're a member I guess? What can you tell us about the site? I saw the 14 day trail but then I forget to cancel and before you know it's hit my card a few times. What were some key points they found on the thermo's? Not asking you to plagiarize or anything. Just a brief discussion on the topic maybe?

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Sorry smoke chef  its been so long since i made that post I don't remembermuch of what it said. I do recall that it compared quite a few thermos that I had never herd of.

I am not a member but I am signed up for their free newsletter. They publish some stuff in that hoping to get you to sign up for the membership.



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