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1st Spares wGOSB and wQview

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About an an hour in on my first rack of spare ribs, practice for tomorrows 3 racks and a butt.  Trimmed them up St Louis style, based with mustard and then Jeff's rub.  Wrapped them and put them in the frig, brought them out about an hour before grilling and I seen why Jeff said sauce is not required! lol  Hopefully the execution is as good as this stuff looks uncooked!


I covered them a little more after this pic to ensure complete coverage.




When I pulled these out of the plastic wrap from the frig my mouth began to water!



Onto the smoker...pre heated for about a half hour to get the water hot and chunks heated up a little.  Yesterday took forever to get the chunks smoking with this heavy wood box!  I've got to pick up a cake pan or coffee can tonight.  Put a little melasses in the water pan.



Got light breeze today with hot temps (90s) and I've been maintaining the heat with the probe at 225 to 235.  Wish I could get it to stabilize to I could leave it alone..(practice?).  


Plan is to throw 2 whole chickens on here about 2 hours in.  Soaking in brine now and plan to put more of Jeff's rub on them.  If I can come up with an injection marinade real quick I may inject them as well.  Planning to reach meat temp on the ribs of 170 in about 6 hours but planning for 7.  Going go to 165 on the chick breast. After 3 hours on the ribs I'm going to start spraying them with apple juice.


Any tips would be appreciated.  Wish my execution LUCK! lol  Thanks to all for the wealth of information that has gotten me this far! Ok, I'm going to shut up now and SMOKE! 

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Looking great so far!!

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looking nice

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looking good

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Looks like a great start. With time that smoker and where to set it will become second nature. Don't try to set an exact temp but rather a range I usually do like 215-245 with ribs and they come out fine. Ribs are one of the few things most of us do by time and looks and never put a temp probe into. Have fun and i look forward to more Qview later 

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Wow...that's about the best words I can say! The ribs turned out excellent and people were asking for extra sauce, which also turn out great!  But the best thing for me was the chicken!  WOW...It was so moist and flavored!  I used the recipe listing in wiki for competition chicken, except I only soaked it for 4 hours vs 10.  


After both the ribs and chicken were done I wrapped them both to rest for about an hour.  I have to say, the chicken was incredible!. The ribs were great but the chicken won!







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Everything looks great nice job!!

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Pineywoods, thanks for the information! That is something I learned today was the temp's do flucuate and I was able to maintain between 215* and 240*.  I'll definitely remember about the time vs probe temp on ribs in the future! The rib bark was a little thick (soft though), but the chicken was extremely GREAT!  I could'nt help eating while I trimmed it out! lol

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I have found out that smoking a whole bird is the BEST way to prepare a good chicken. It comes oput so juicey and the flavor is awesome too. Now for the ribs like Jerry said just keep your smoker in a range a little up a little down don't let it get to you the meat doesn't mind either.

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