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Pork cushion meat question??

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i was wondering if this cut would be good for making a small amount of smoked honey ham?

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Not familiar w/ cushion meat .

 Maybe one of butchers on here can enlighten me???

 I don't see why any pork can't be cured for either bacon or ham???

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I can't speak for a honey ham, but in my experience with this cut is to season/smoke it like a pork butt or picnic shoulder. You can pull it just like a pork butt too..

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Same here i have done pull pork with it ton of times and carnitas. but i want to see if works for curing and smoking for ham. i would like to some thoughts on the subject before i go ahead and give it a shot.

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The pork cushion comes off the side of the pork arm shoulder, like this:




the lower part below the diagonal line, parallel to the arm bone inside.  It is usually merchandized into pork cubed cutlets or lean pork cubes for stew, etc.  However you can do with it what you do with any pork; you can pickle it and smoke it into ham-like or bacon-like meat, grind it, slice it, anything.

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