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trying to decide between these models- help!

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Between reviews, experience and price, I've narrowed it down to the Masterbuilt 30", the Smokin Tex Pro series, and the Bradley BTIS1.


I like the MB for price.


I like the ST for quality of the finished product though it's more than twice the price.


I think the Bradley is a good in-between.


Cast your vote now!


(and thanks)

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First off I don't know anything about those smokers so I'm not a good judge but I do have alot of experience with the Gosm and the smoke vault biot of them gasser. But if you would stop into Roll Call and introduce yourself and we can give you the proper howdy that we like to give to new members.

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Welcome to SMF Lightitup.  Like Mballi suggested, head on over to "Roll Call" & get your well deserved welcome.  As for your question, WSM 22.5.  Can't go wrong.  I know, it was not in the list.  I just added it.  Pay $100 more than the MB 30 & you're on your way to the TBS.

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If you decide on the MES , Please do yourself a favor and go ahead and get the new model 40".

 I have the older model (800) watt. It is good but the new 30" 800 watt has had a bunch of complaints. The new 40" is 1200watt and has a much better heat and recovery time.

 Check the price at sams club and it will probably be the best price for the 1200 watt 40"

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I have a four year old 30" MES.  I really like it, and it is certainly big enough for me.   It has one serious problem -- the connections to the heating element get corroded and come loose.  It is a bear to repair, mostly because there is no easy access.  There are other extensive threads here discussing that problem.


A friend just bought a new MES from Amazon about a month ago.  It cost him $169 with free shipping, but current price seems to be a good bit higher.  His unit has an access panel on the rear to reach the connections for when (not if) they go bad.  VERY good improvement.  


I was in Bass Pro shops this week and noticed that they had some models with the access panel, and some without -- so be careful and make sure you get with a panel, if you decide on MES.

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i'm surprised so many people mention the MES unit considering the amount of complaints about its flaws, including one that said theirs caught fire! Is it just the price that's attractive?

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Take at the Smoke-in It, I have one and love it. 

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I've only had it a few months, but I couldn't be happier with my MES.  It took some practice getting it to produce the right amount of steady smoke, but I've pretty much got it down now.  Last time I had a great TBS for the whole 5-hour baby backs smoke without having to add any chips except at the beginning.

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I have had the SmokinTex for over a year and I love it. It is versitle especially now that I have the A MAZE N SMOKER to use with it - I have done ribs- pulled pork- briskets- pastrami- chuckies- chicken many ways- bacon- cheese- nuts and it all comes out great  

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I have a cookshack smokette, similar to the Smoken Tex and I love the thing

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