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When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade!

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Mornin' All!


Well, I was hoping I would never have to make a post like this, but I suppose things happen for a reason and the good Lord wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle. I didn't want to just not show up for a while and you guys wonder what happened to me.


I have been a breast cancer survivor for five years this month. And it seems that monster has reared it's ugly head once again. I have to go in the hospital next week for surgery and I'll start a round of chemo and radiation.


I've done it before and I'll do it again. I think I'm such a true survivor because I love life soooo much. I wake up every morning and jump outta bed and am thankful just to be here, thankful that I have a wonderful family, really obnoxious neighbors, two really creepy cats, arthritis in my left hip (okay, not really thankful for that), that I can burp and fart louder than any man on this planet (REALLY proud of that by the way!)


I know I have a warped sense of humor, but it works for me. So, I'll be around for a couple of more days, then not sure when I'll be back after that. Not too long I hope.


I'm really bummed I won't be able to enter this months throwdown, cuz I was gonna put a whoopin' on y'all, just you wait, hopefully in August I'll make y'all cry like a bunch a little girls!!!!


Much love to all my BBQ buddies!

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 Our thoughts and prayers will be with you thruout this ordeal.

 Looking forward to your return and your entry into the throwdown.


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Get well soon Cheryl.. We all know that there is no way that something like that can keep u down.. Hurry back.. This place really needs your sense of humor !!

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get well soon! we will be watching for your return and we will keep you in our prayers! 

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Cheryl I'm really sorry to hear this and I wish the the very best for you. Know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and kick the monster's behind and know you have a lot of support from your SMF family. We will be here whenever you can and feel like being here.

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I know where you're at.  I'm a prostate cancer survivor for 11 years now and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't worry about there being a positive report.  Get angry if you want, I found that anger towards the cancer, refusal to accept it's continuance in my life was a very strong catharsis in the battle.  You've beaten this once before, now it's just time to put the final whipping on it.  Our prayers go out to you in a small way to help you win this battle.

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Thoughts and prayers are sent Cheryl. Get well so I can get a but whooping.

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Cheryl, you always make me laugh. Now you made me cry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon SMF needs your funny's. God bless and live strong.



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I'm /We are sorry for your ordeal an I know you can kick this things ass again. You are an imprecision to alot of us here with your off the wall menus and recipes. So you will be in our hearts and prays too. if you happen to need anything you let me/US know and it will happen girl. We are all kinda of a big family here and will do whatever it take to help out a family member.

So just do me/us a ONE BIG FAVOR AND.......



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Get well soon I will be sending my chi and prayers



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Thanks guys! Actually I should have named this thread "When life throws you lemons, you smokem'" LOL! Hey, I'm not sad or angry, I did all that the first time around. Atleast I know what to expect. Alot of projectile vomiting fer sure. I'm gonna put marks on the floor so I can measure how far it goes, oh my gosh, I'm one sick puppy. I'm looking forward to visiting the kids in the cancer ward. Talk about a powerful thing! Being strong, is well, my strong point. I'm only sad I'm not entering the throwdown! LOL! Heck, I've got a couple of days, maybe I will throw something together. We'll see. I did make an awesome sammie last night, I'm gonna go post about that! Thanks again, you guys rock!

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I miss a lot of posts on this forum. Now I wish I would have missed this one too, but then I wouldn't know to send best wishes & prayers your way Cheryl. Keep on fightin' !!!!!


We're All With You,


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Hi Cheryl,


My wife and I will be praying for you and your family. Take care and know that we are all looking forward to when you get back.  

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I'll be praying for you

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Good luck and our prayers to you.


Smoke on.

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Good thing you caught it.


Lost a secretary a few years ago and she left behind a 12 year old daughter because she never went for an exam.


You got some knee time comming from NoVA for a quick 100% recovery.

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You know that I love you, Cheryl, and my prayers are with you, too.


I lost an awesome Grandmother to Breast Cancer, so I know that it ain't no joke.


Plus, you better stick around because we all love your gorgeous Q-view and hilarious insights!




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Sad to read this thread; glad to hear you have your chin up, chest out and are going to not let this repeat offender win. I will keep you in my prayers until you are back to smoking with us !!!

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Sorry to hear this Squirrel, we went through that with my wife's aunt, because her time here wasn't finished the Lord brought her through it, I looked on the internet and found lots of info on what to fix for her to eat, food that didn't make her sick and actually helped the chemo process, pm me if your are interested, ...I'll be holding you up in my prayers.



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Huge thoughts and prayers are sent your way, along with a big hug, Cheryl. Although not having met you (yet) your spirit and energy are felt in your posts and threads. The sense of humor is HILARIOUS, and the smokes are as innovative as they can get.


Your SMF family is here for you if you need anything. Looking forward to you making them "cry like little girls" in a future event!

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