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doing the 3-2-1 method for the ribs so 6 hours....12 lb bird started an hour before the ribs...bird about 135 now so a little ways to go. Cavity filled with chunks of onion, carrot, celery, and apple

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Sounds like things are humming along....Looking forward to your Q-views later today. 

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Looks like the turkey turned out good!!!!

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Looks good so far, how did it turn out?


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Turkey and Ribs were both a great success!!!!!   Thanks to all who gave tips and advice!!  Next smoke is gonna be brisket, armadillo eggs and ABT's!!!!!!   Looking forward to the July throwdown!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by dajints View Post

Chips were burned up,...only 90 minutes    added more that soaked longer   smoke coming back..

Just got my new GOSM like your's this past week too!  You mentioned using "chips," find some chunks and a pan will last you longer.  Not sure if you did, but I started preheating because that wood box is such heavy cast.  I meant to get a 9x9 metal cake pan for my third smoke today...but forgot to pick one up.  I've seen where others have also cut down a coffee can to replace the heavy cast wood box.


EDIT - did want to mention I added some chips to my chunks today and I'm a little on the fence because it created a ton of smoke...I pulled the box 45 minutes in to my smoke and dumbed the chips out....I was worried because it started to get well beyond that TBS.  YEP, I'm a newbie...LOL


Hope you had a good smoke today!

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I am going to pick up the 9x9 pan to replace the cast iron box. Question you then cover with aluminum foil with holes poked or leave uncovered??

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dajints, is the smoker a Model 3405BGW (Wide Body) with a smallish SMOKER box, 5" X 5" OR SO?

If it is, do a search on this forum for some mod ideas, some folks have come up with some clever ideas to obtain TBS.


I have used a mini dutch oven as a smoker box on my first GOSM

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