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how to cook 14lb prime rib

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coking a 14 lb prime rib with the bone removed and then tied on. plan on cooking it at 300*. they want to eat at 3pm.  so.....


what time should i put it on?

what temp to pull it off the uds?

what internal temp should i pull and reverse sear?

what is a good seasoning/marinade?


so here it isDSCF1650.JPGDSCF1656.JPG


thank you in advance!!!

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Wow thats a hunk of meat and a hunk of money.

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opps i forgot to say that it rang up wrong and i had a $5 off coupon. so it rang up at 4.49 lb and after coupon it was $58.22. that made it $4.14 lb. 

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Try this thread: and see if that gives you some starting off points.  Read this one over;

and this one as well;


These threads should give you some starting points of where you want to go & how you want to get there.  If all else fails, FedEx the frozen product to me & I will smoke & taste test it for you.  Good luck & please have that qview when you are ready.  

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Here's what I do


Take the roast from the fridge rub it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil then season with Salt, Pepper, and Garlic add fresh Rosemary if you have any. Then place it into a 225 degree smoker using your favorite wood I personally like cherry until the internal reaches 135 then pull it off and place foil over it for about 15-20 minutes then slice and enjoy. Doing them this way usually takes 30-40 minutes a lb for me tho I haven't done one that big yet.


Also boil the bones down for stock when done it sure makes good for a soup base

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I can say that what piney said worked well for the one I did even if it was not near the size you have. OMG it was like eating candy!!!!!

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