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Warmer box question

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Does anyone know what gauge steel I should use for a warmer to set on my firebox. I bought a new 250 gallon smoker trailer for $800 and was wanting to put a warmer on top of firebox. I called a place that sells steel and they told me for 1/4 in steel to build a 14 inch deep by 2 foot wide by 4 foot high warmer woud be around $300 dollars even though I told them I would weld it myself thats just for the steel. Any suggestions?

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I don't think you need 1/4 for a warmer box.  I think 14ga would be all you would need for that.  Your not worried about loosing a lot of heat or anything. 


$300 for that much 1/4" doesn't sound off by too much.  That's a lot of weight and shops like that usually sell it by weight, at least they do in my area.

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Steel is like gold these days.  Lighter gauge should be fine though.

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I paid $300.00 for a 4+8 sheet of 1/4" and cut, welded my FB. I'm using the same 1/4" for my warmer. I know you don't need it ,But It will be able to produce some great Q long after I leave this World!!

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