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Originally Posted by Silverwolf636 View Post

Justpassingthru hit it on the head.  I need to design a way to do the bacon weave with banana peels.  No jokin.  What very little bit of flavor the banana peel did leave needs to be accented a lot. Thinkin about it, when the banana leaf is used, it is wrapped completely around the food being cooked.

So with all said, the changes would be maybe use a 1/3 of a cup of pineapple pieces to 2 pound chub instead of 1/4, put ring slices of pineapple on top of the chub and wrap the whole thing with banana peel. Don't do a full bacon weave, space the bacon so flavor from the pineapple and banana peels reach the sausage.

Oh yea, I didn't eat the banana peel. And another thing, the sausage was just standard sausage nothin fancy.






I'm doin another one today. I would like to get this perfected.  I am goin to follow my instructions above and see what happens.  I'm expecting a very tasteful fatty.
Q/view will be with it in another thread.




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Looks great Ray - congrats on thinking out of the box as usual

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Shhhheewwww...I was worried as I scrolled down through this thread, thank goodness Ray you didn't pull out the grass skirt and coconut halves and there was no stomach pumping....just a delicious looking fattie! LOL Great idea for a fattie!  I've got to give one of these a try soon!  

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Where you had the mammer peels on the fattie it looks like the bacon didn't get done?

 What about skipping the bacon wrap and wrap w/ nanner peels or leaves?

 Great thinking OTB

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Nice way to think outside the box!!!!

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Somehow this post slipped by me, now thats using your coconut. Very different indeed.

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