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Pizza Oven

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hey ya'll...

Hope this is in the right forum, but I am looking for any info from anyone that has ever constructed a pizza oven.  I want to brick up my own in my backyard.  I am coming off a successful 12' hog cooking trailer and feeling like bringing my masonry skills into action and building one of these in the backyard..  However, do not know anyone who has one, just what one can read online....  What are some other favorites to cook?  Pros/cons??  Have some sizes and plans but looking to hear from the folks on here...  Thank you much... 



Durham, NC

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Looks like a interesting project, gonna have to keep an eye on this one. I recently got the pizza bug and smoke them on the handy dandy UDS.

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Yea, I am liking these links..  Thanks for the info everyone!!!

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Man I would love to have one of them pizza ovens on the back porch too. I could just move this and that and make some room. they are really good to have if you like the old style cooking in the wood burning oven too.

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Man, I'm jealous.  There  is no better pizza or bread in the universe than one that comes out of a brick oven.

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