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What 3 " BBQ thermometer

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Going to do some mods with my smoker and was looking at putting some three inch thermometers down near the cooking grate. Is there a preference on which ones to get are they all about the same. Thanks Rick


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You cant go wrong with a tell tru. But my wife picked up a cheap one at Wallyworld at the end of the season that is pretty accurate.

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Here is a good source for thermometers, a lot of members have purchased from Bob.

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Originally Posted by garyt View Post

You cant go wrong with a tell tru.


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I got my off ebay.  I used the 2" and 3" and all has always worked great for me.


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I've gotten excellent service from the Trend Model 33   

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I bought a couple of large thermometers at wally world. I park the smoker outside my greatroom door, and i can see the temps from my recliner!!! (I know-that's pretty sad isn't it?) I think they are Grillcare brand (i would go look, but my brother-in -law has the smoker at his house for the week), but i'm pretty sure that's the name.  A good telltale sign is to look at all the thermometers in the store (like the one you want), and see how close together they all read in the store.  There were 10 of these in the store and they were all "dead on" reading the same temp. I took my pocket digital in the store with me and it was right with them. So far (been two years) they have performed perfectly and i think they were about 12 bucks each. (i have one on each end of the smoker).

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