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Hello from Michigan

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Hello from Michigan


I was on the internet for the last few days researching smokers and in that process i found this forum  what a lucky day for 2 reasons.


1- I joined this forum

2- i'm a new owner of a camp chef smoke vault 24"


now, do you all think you can tech me how to use it lol



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Without question we can help!  Welcome to the SMF!



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Welcome aboard!  Can this forum help - hells yeah!  The only way we couldn't is if the lid on your Camp Chef is welded shut.... if it is, we will call Duck Killer to come over and cut it open for ya!


Good to have you here, can't wait to see some of your smokes.

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Ya man... you have came to the right place.  Oh, and start uploading picts.  We really like pictures around here.

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Hello from the Cornhusker state, looks like we'll be seeing alot more of you michigan folks come college football season..looking forward to seeing your new smoker filled with meat!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome


I'll take some pic's, but if the meat comes out blackish its just the camra j/k

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Welcome to the best smokin site on the www.

 I like the it's the camera excuse. Have to file that one for future use.

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welcome aboard you will like it here

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Welcome, smoke something!

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Welcome to SMF DrZ!! I know that you will find all the information you could ever dream of here. It may take a little while but I assure you someone will have an answer.

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welcome  glad to see more michigan folks!  

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Welcome to the SMF, and congrats on your new smoker. Stick around, it only gets better. It's all good my friend.

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