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You still with us Duck? I haven't seen ya around for a while.

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Hey Duck, I have to agree with Tom, where have you been. I would like to see the end of this.


Hope all is well with you.

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i been ultra busy lately. i had a remodel project at my shop so i have not been able to make much progress on this. i do have some qview built up tho that i will post soon. i do check the site often tho. i promise i will be getting back on track soon!

by the way fella's i have been in KC almost every weekend lately due to teal season so maybe we can get a brew or somethin this weekend?

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Look at that KCBlues, he's rubbing it in about his shop LOL. LMAO probably had to put a larger AC unit out there.



Just giving ya a had time Duck.


Friday, friday night and sat till about 4 I will be at the contest in shawnee. If ya are over that way you are more then welcome to drop by any time after about 9 am fri. This invitation goes to anybody on the site that wants to chill out for a while, just pm me and I will give ya my number.


Duck, if you are up here fri before about 4:30. The scrap place I go to has as of last sat at least, a double door comercial frig, they said the comp was bad and would load it up for 100 bucks. I really didn't know what it was worth even tho I did think about it for a giant smoker. Give me a shout if you wanna check it out.

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Yea Tom, wouldn't be surprised to see a full service lounge that serves Q and drinks.


Would love to have that much room.


Looking forward to that qview.

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sounds great Tom! i should be able to work somethin out. i'll prolly bring a buddy or 2 with me.


bout the shop, I'm actually losing some room,

i need to add a conference room so i had to sacrifice a lil bit of room. i plan on building a shop at my house when i get a lil bit ahead someday. then, watch out... i'll really be buildin them then!

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Oh hell ya,


Theres a house not far from me and if it ever goes on the market again I'm buyin it. Older but pretty decent house, that part Don't Matter, it has 4 out buildings. One of which will be the new SMF Lounge. A giant TV, Flat screen of course, a bar, retired smokers to use as air fresheners. A ceiling fan with blades that look like slabs of ribs. The beer mugs will have to look like a charcoal chimney. And the last thing I can think of would be a beer tap that looks like the grease drain on one of those ever so cool looking Mini Smokers. Oh heck one more. Royal Oak wall paper.


Not tryin to steal your thread by going off topic duck but I thought you would appreciate all the ideas.

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Tom, are you stealing my dreams at night?


Sorry duck, but I just had to reply to Tom.


Get your remodel done so we can see your qview.

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I gotta tell ya, that's the coolest thing i've ever heard of! what a fantastic imagination!  

i will be up there this weekend by the way. I will stop by the competition on saturday. can u text me the address or put it on here?

you gonna be out there KC?

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Duck, I will be out there Friday night. Got to get started on getting ready for Royal on Saturday.Wont have much time next week.


 It would be pretty cool; to hang out and talk. Maybe some other time.

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Sure thing Duck.


57 st and Cody st in Shawnee. We are east of cody, just ask anybody on that side where Big Chiefs BBQ is at. If you find the real bathrooms you are almost in our court LOL.


Here is a link to the map.




And a pic of where we are at.

Right at the end of the white arrow.


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sorry i could'nt make it Guy's, i will try to make it to the royal tho.

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That would be cool Duck. We will be there Fri, Sat, and Sun. Come on out.

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The adjustable baffle is so trick!

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i am WAY to dang busy! life will be back to normal soon. i promise i haven't left you guys. 

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Awesome. keep us posted on the progress

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i am gonna use toms idea of the screw style adjuster when i get back to this build tho.

he has some perty good ideas.

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LOL duck.


Why ya gotta talk about my brain LMAO.


It hurts really bad right now. Its been in OverDrive tryin to figure out my next few moves. I'm buying a tandem trailer with 2 7000 lb axles for 500 bucks and a couple briskets. I'm gonna have a major transplant switching over from the old single axle to the new one.


Your lifes gonna slow down and you'll make it back and then I'll be gona for a while.

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Hey Duck, I know the the feeling. Halloween eats up a lot of my time. Gotta build something new each year. Can't let the neighbor hood kids down. Keep us posted.


I like Toms idea too. Let us know how it works.

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Hey man wheres the finished product,you leaving us all hanging hereth_dunno-1[1].gif

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