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My Dream Pit????

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Anyone own or know anything about David Klose's pits in Houston, TX. Supposedly these are the best rigs on the planet, This is the pit Paul Kirk uses. Look at the backyard patio models and tell me what you all think???

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They are good, but I already have mine. It is called a Lang

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It's like one of those Ford or Chevy things.

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Thanks garyt, Lang's are great also!!!! It will cost me as much to ship it as it will to have it built...LOL

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When it comes to the high end pits it is exactly what garyt said... it's all in brand recognition and loyalty.


They are all great and amazing pits and will last you a good long while.


Klose, Jambo, Lang just to name a few... all amazing... all great... just depends on what floats your boat.

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