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RIP Jimmy Dean

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I thought this would be a good place to mention that our dear friend Jimmy Dean passed away yesterday at 81. Let's all smoke a Fatty for him! 

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I can still hear the songs, "Big, Bad John" and "PT-109" echoing through the house...


RIP Jimmy.

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dang, hate to hear that

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I just saw that on the news this morning. I'm sorry and we will say a prey for him and his family.

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Rest in Peace Jimmy Dean. In his honor we ate breakfast last night and cooked some of his breakfast sausage.

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J.D. will live on through our fatties & our interesting creations of the smoked variation. 

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R.I.P JD, You will be missed.

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Loved the man,and his music. He will be sorrily missed

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I have a large JD Sausage fatty in the drum in his honor right now..

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I'm posting this again here in remembrance of him:


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Here's to you JD..


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