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May 2010 Throwdown - Winners!

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We had a tie with the Judges' Pick, this month. Each entry had 73 points and was drooled over by each judge (along with the other entries).


Congratulations to ChefRob for his smoked braised short ribs with a smoked pepper stuffed with orzo, shrooms, asparagus and 3 chz, and to Caveman for his Smoked Tuscan Sausage Cannelloni, Smoked Beef Braciole, Smoked Focaccia w/Caprese Salad.


ChefRob's entry:



Caveman's entry:


The winner of the voting poll was the delicious pizza by Meateater (Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Meatball And Shrimp Loaded Pizza)!



We had 10 quality entries in May. Thanks to all that participated and made the voting very difficult.

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Congrats to all of you

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Excellent dishes were presented, congratulations to ChefRob Meateater and Caveman .I'd also like to thank all the other contestants for their support in this throwdown. All entries were worthy if a win!

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Great job done by all!



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please post all entries and who did what

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Nice job

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Congrats to you all! There sure was some great looking entries!

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Congratulations Rob & Caveman!  Both excellent entries!!

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Ok congrats to Chef Rob, Caveman and Meateater.  Now it's time for the recipes to start rolling in now. There was alot of really good dishes too.

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Congrats to Chef Rob, Caveman & Meateater. Those were nice entries. 

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Congrats to all, well deservd.

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I want that pizza. It single handedly looks like the best pizza that I've never eaten!

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Congrats to all, what an awesome job!! I second FFTWarren, that is one Drool Worthy Pizza.

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those winning dishes look beautiful! 

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Fantastic job by the winners and all who entered.

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WTG winners !! 

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Congratulations Everyone...

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a big congrats to meateater and caveman!        and to all those who entered nice job...........you guys are really stepping up yer games, can't wait to see the pictorials!

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Hey Chefrob, Caveman, Meateater - Congratulations Guys!  Very nice on all entries, can't wait to see the rest of the story on all of these.

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Congrats to Caveman and Meateater - Rob you must have cheated somehow - I have eaten small portions of your food - inside joke went to Robs house for dinner and he buried me in a corner so I could not reach the food LOL

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