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Garlic Jalepeno Chops with homemade ice cream slushy!

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Been waiting for an excuse to try my new seasoning from Bassman.

Marinaded some chops with a mustard italian mixture, then hit them with the new Garlic Jalepeno and some more garlic.

On the smoker

On my plate!!

Review: DAMN GOOD! Very good chipotle flavor came through without the sweet I get with my rub. Big fan of garlic anyway, so it was just +++ to the entire smoke.


On to the ice cream slushy... We had to delay my little girl's birthday because she wasn't feeling good, so I decided to make her a homemade ice cream slushy today.

Mixed up the ice cream, minus milk, and froze it in muffin pans for an easy add to the blender. I'm guessing about 1/2 cup ice cream cubes.

Pulled it out today, added milk, and blended - fast, easy, and YUMMY! Obviously not as good as when it churns, but a hell of a lot faster!

If you like homemade ice cream, give this a whirl. Have half the batch left in the freezer to fight this hot weather with on a later day.

Our family ice cream recipe is:

1 can evaporated milk
1.5 cups sugar
4 to 6 eggs (use 6)
1 T vanilla (use 1.5 to 2)
Blend together (this is what I froze), then add milk to the line (in your ice cream freezer).

Give it a try and keep cool!

Thanks for checking out my post, and thanks again, Keith for the new stuff!

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Those chops look spot on! Nothing like a cool refreshing slush to wash some good Q. It's all good my friend.

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looks good, last night i was looking to see if anyone ever smokes pork chops and there you go.

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Your chops look awesome and so does the whole dish for dinner. I like the ice cream that you made to. Now I'm fixin to crank up the smoker for some bone in pork loin myself. Qview will follow.

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Mballi and Rich, thanks guys!


Pandemonium - ya gotta smoke ya some chops!  One of my favorites if ya got big thick ones.

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