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All Beef Smoked Ring

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Mixed, stuffed an goin inta the ice box fer the night



In Used ta be Cool fer a 6 hour smoke.  Used hickory wood fer the smoke.



The finished product.  This batch is sold.  Reason I had ta get Used ta be Cool repaired. 

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mmm looks great

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Great looking links, Tip. Glad to see your smokes, as always!

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Looks awesome

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Looks good nice color too

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You put out some fine looking grub Tip. I'm working my way towards sausage after I figure out the buckboard bacon.

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tip... that looks great. love the color man!!! and all beef you say... i know my bologna recipie calls for 5 lbs of back fat per 20 of beef or venison. what makes it juicey. how does your all beef fare. am interested buddy!!!

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Looks great Tip.

Didn't the Used ta be Cool suffer some damage?

Glad to see it's still working for ya.

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Tip, that is some fine lookin' links. I hope when I get around to makin' sausage it looks as good as yours. Great job!!

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erain, its a firm sausage but not dry. 


Dan, yeah the youngest boy ran over it with his truck.  Got it pounded out ta where it works.  Gonna have ta do some more sealin, but It'll live.  Won't be as perty, but hey, it's just gotta smoke!

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Those look freakin' AWESOME !




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Man oh Man tip those look awesome and I like the new smoker too.

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Originally Posted by travcoman45 View Post

.  Won't be as perty, but hey, it's just gotta smoke!

Yeah Tip but now it has character!!

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