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New 'home' for my BGE

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(wasn't sure where to post this)

Before .....



And after.  There are still some finishing touches to be made.



I am not sure why, but the previous homeowner left all of the post 8ft tall when he built the deck.  I figured I would see if I could work them into a little cover for the BBQ area.  It seems to have worked out really nice.  I plan on staining it when I do the deck, as well as adding some lighting, a dinner bell triangle, and a bottle opener to the post.  A little rednecky but I'll take it! 

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shoot, nice work looks good. You set up now

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Sweet. That will help things out a lot.

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That looks great.  I wish I would have had something like today when the storm came rollin in halfway thru my smoke.  

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Good job, that looks like a nice setup

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