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Today's brisket (Qview to come) Sad news...

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Started last night with a 13lb moster packer brisket.  I seperated the flat and the point so it would fit in my MES. Rubbed it with Bilbo's slather,rub and mop.  5 o'clock this moring it went in the MES and back to bed I went.  Got up to feed it some more chips.  I do have to say that this smoke produced the least amount of smoke I have ever had, and I didn't do anything different...


I also did a batch of Dutch's wicked beans, and as my 4 yr. old was helping me take it out after it was finished, the aluminum container buckled and the whole freakin thing dumped onto my front walkway...

Only a few bites were salvaged in the container, which were quickly consumed by me and my family in tears...

Luckily I have an Irish wolfehound in the back yard that is about 150 lbs who mopped up as much of the beans as he wanted. 


The brisket is about 5 degrees from finishing and after it rests I will be sure to post some pictures.


I hope nobody else has to deal with losing some grub like I did.  Be assured that it won't happen again!

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That's too bad.I use a pizza peel to load and unload my pans, that works well. 

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Man thats a bummer dropping the beans, I know i would be mad as hell!! I hope the rest turns out good to make up for it.

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Sorry to hear that man.. Maybe take out the rack the pan is sitting on when you pull it. Get a set of Ove Gloves if ya don't have them...

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Sorry to hear you spilling the beans.  I use a half sheet pan to load and unload items into and out of my smoker.

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It feels like I lost my best friend when I loose a couple Asparagus stalks thru my grill grates while cooking.  I couldn't imagine the look on your face as the bean pan caved in.  Just chalk it up as a story that the family will tell summer after summer. 


Remember ... Don't let that dog sleep in the house tonight!!!


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Big time bummer man.

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That really sucks...I know they'll taste twice as good next time

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Sorry to hear about your beans. What a shame.


PS: you better give that Irish wolfehound some Gas-X :)

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That's a shame! I've come close a few times and went to the local restaurant supply and got me this. No more worries. Hope this helps. foilpan.jpg

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Now thats a real Bummer for sure. I always use hot plate gloves and hold the bottom for that has happened to me too. It really sucks and I'm sure it wouldn't happen to you again.

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local restaurant supply or SAMs it the only way to go with the pan inserts 



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I bought several different sizes from Sam's Club and also large containers for brining. Atleast the dog is happy. It will only make you appreciate the next batch even more! Like everyone said - don't let that dog in the house for a while! LOL!

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Keep some kind of table close to your smoker, saves lots of problems that arise.

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I remember when I made my first BBB, I had put it on top of the stove and went down in the basement when I had a loud noise, I ran upstairs and there was my black lab enjoying his first BBB, From then on I put the meat in the oven and out of the dog's temptation. It stinks when things like that happens. 

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Sorry to about such a tragedy! I know the next batch will be awesome and you will be extra careful.

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Keep that dog away from any flames!

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Dang, FFJ-sorry to hear about the mishap with those beans. I always place the foil pans on a sheet pan to carry them to and from the smoker. I used to use my hotel pans but Ma Dutch got madder than a wet cat when she couldn't get the outside of the pans as clean as she wanted.  She even got ME to scrubbing on them and that was way to much work for this ol' dawg! So back to the foil pans I went.


Gotta remember the ol' mantra~ If Mama ain't happy-NOBODY's happy!!

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