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Hello everyone,

Just joined the forum today. Looking forward to sharing experiences. 

I am expecting my new COOKSHACK in on Wednesday.

I have an offset grill with a side firebox that I use as a wood smoker. I have to feed it every 1/2 hour which is part of the fun.

The temperature does fluctuate but doesn't effect the quality on beef, chicken and pork.

My new venture will be smoking salmon.

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Welcome to the forum..Enjoy your stay and make sure you post some pics of that new cool smoker !!!

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Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. Congrats on the new smoker. You'll find lots of good info here and some great recipes as well. Have fun and happy smoking

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Glad to have you as part of the SMF. Congrats on you new Cookshack, and keep us posted on that first smoke and Q. It's all good my friend.

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Welcome to a great place!! I can't wait to hear more about your Cookshack, and by all means post pictures, we are a visual bunch!

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Welcome to the SMF forum, You came to the right place. Good people and good info.

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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welcome this place is the best   good smoking

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Welcome for the Midwest!

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Welcome to the SMF Family Cookshack. You'll find the folks here helpful and friendly. If you have any questions about your smokers, just give us a shout-out and someone will help you.

Lots of great recipes here for you to try and experiment with.


Signup for the free 5day eCourse. Lots of great usefull info to be had in it.



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 First off welcome CookShack to SMF. You'll like it here cause there are alot of really good folks that would just love to help you with anything to do with smoking. Now we like having new folks here to give a new prospective on some of the ways we do things around here. Now if you are really new then I would suggest that you sign up fir the 5-day E-course it free and it will give you the basics on smoking and a few recipes too. Here's a link to it:

then you will have a method to your newly found madness and believe me it will be a madness. Then when you start smoking things you will have to learn how to post the pictures / Qview 

here. So here's a link to a tutorial on how to post your Qview so we can see what your doing.

Now the next thing you have to do is run out and get something to smoke. Then just smoke it and if you have any questions just post  them here and we will answer all your questions that you might have. Oh yea there's no stupid questions we were all there in the beginning and we just really like to help others enjoy the fabulous smoked foods that we do. So again


Welcome to Your New Addiction

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Howdy Cookshack, have yet to try Salmon

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Thanks for the welcome. This feels like a great group of people.


I could use some advise.  Here's my problem. My first COOKSHACK came in from CABELLAS by an unknown shipper. The driver pointed out the hole in the box and the dent on the side of the smoker. I refused the package.


Today my second COOKSHACK came in. This was delivered by UPS. I took it home and unboxed it. The front of the door has two dents in the right lower corner about four inches apart and on top of each other. Not sure if it was packaged that way or a loose pallet hit it. Do I call CABELLAS or go straight to the factory? I know there going to offer a discount but after spending $700.00 I think I would hate looking at the dents. How much would you ask off for the damage?



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Welcome aboard! I'm afraid I'd request another replacement...dents obviously aren't going to affect the performance but like you said, who wants to look at dents?  Especially when you're paying good money!  Tell'em you'll use this one until one can arrive unmolested!

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These guys know how to do it right,ROASTED PORK.jpg

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Who needs a box with a setup like that? lol  No scratches, dents or cheap thermometers!  

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Welcome to SMF!  I'd send it back and ask for a in store credit for the inconvenience you endured.

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