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Smokin day with QViews!

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Ribs, Chicken and a Fattie!  What a Day!


Here is the chicken post.


As for the Ribs.


Costco had some ribs, so I bought them. Cut them according to the sticky and slathered two with mustard and two with out. Rubbed them with our blend and threw them in the smoker with four chickens.  The fattie had to go in later, I didn't have room.


Here goes the picts..




About Three hours in just be fore the foil.  



And the ribs resting before they go in the fridge for the night.  I think tomorrow they will go to the beach for a bonfire and smores. 



Hope you all had a great weekend.


God Bless you and thanks for checking my post out.



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Thank you for the beautiful shots of your q. Adds some excitement to my morning coffee! Nice work!

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that looks amazing

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Looks like a rewarding day around the smoker

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