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I am attempting three racks of baby backs tomorrow.  I was debating to myself on what type of spritz/brazing liquid I'd use.  On the forum I have read many members talk about different juices, vinegars and even beer.  So thinking about this today, it dawned on me, why shouldn't I just use root beer (Thomas Kemper).  It has much of the same ingredients as juice (syrups, sugars, preservatives) as well as the honey that sometimes if found in sweet BBQ sauces.


An outline of my experiment is as follows: Three racks of ribs, roughly eight pounds, smoked in an MES using apple wood.  A 2-2-1 method at 240-250.  Spritzing every 40 minutes with root beer.  Then brazing in foil with about a cup or root beer per rack.  My rub does not contain any sugars.  I did this specifically for the experiment hopping that the root beer with impart sweetness.


I will try to get some Q-view for my update tomorrow and let you all know how it worked out.



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I have injected and spritzed a ham with Fanta Pineapple soda it it was great. There are no limits on what you use, except for maybe Prune Juice.

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Now I personally haven't injected ribs for they really don't have that much meat on them. I use a good rub the night before and then smoke them. Now I use a spritz and it consist of 50-50 mixture of apple juice and cyder vinegar and use it about every hour or so. I don't want to open the smoker door that often either.    

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