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Apple brined turkey-performer style

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Well i got my new blue weber performer and decided to jump in head first..Got an apple brine recipe of the weber forum and brined overnite...14# turkey on now...I didnt think there could be anything easy to control temps on than my wsm, but this kettle is just as easy.Smoking with apple wood today.....More pics as we progress.




Turkey out of brine and brushed with EVO



Setting the coals and wood up for the minion method



I love my new webers



Turkey on at 340 degrees



After only 40 minutes...nice color i think



Not sure why this is in the pork forum, i thought i hit poultry..Mods feel free to change if need be....I think i need another beer

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My wife makes the most wonderful ,moist, flavoful turkey that is baked in the oven so i have not smoked a turkey(YET)

 But that is one fine looking bird!!!

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An hour and a half in.........


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Good looking bird Mike. and nice fancy grill ya got there.

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That's look'in good.  I like the looks of the Weber "simple yet sophisticated"

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Here are the finished pics.. This was my first brined bird and i think i will be doing more...Have a great weekend and as always, Happy Smokes






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Awesome bird. I need to do a turkey.

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Looks awesome Mike

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Man oh Man mike that bird sure looks fabulous and I bet it taste some kind of yummy too.

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OMG what an awesome looking bird, that thing is picture perfect. I know you enjoyed it.

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Good looking big bird.

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Outstanding looking turkey.

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